Stats: 8 Jan – 14 Jan

Running – Did it! Grand total of 10km for the week (better planning will see that improve)

Gymming – Did it! Another good PT session. Will likely stop once my sessions I’ve already paid for are done so I can focus on the running and running specific workouts.

Strength and mobility – More Week 0 work. I’ve got my full plan for the next six weeks now and first official session will be Tuesday.

Goal for next week – stay on the plan, improve my updates!


Stats: 1 Jan – 7 Jan (first week of 2018!)

Week one of the new year! Surely it’s all sunshine and roses and high motivation? Meh, not so much.

I’ve been on holidays from work for the past couple of weeks and it’s been lovely. But man, do I need structure in my days or it all just falls apart.

Things that have been going well:

  • Food prep – I should have so much food ready for when I go back to work that I won’t need to cook for months!!

    Awesome chicken! Brined, spiced and grilled. And plenty in the freezer for later. YUM!!
  • Strength training – I had a terrific gym session on Thursday. Going into it I was feeling a bit blah but was rocking life by the end. And then I signed up for a program with Drew and Tina at Running for Real. So far, I’ve been hitting my Week 0 exercises to set me up for when I get my custom program. And it’s not really new news but foam rolling out my legs has reminded me of how terrible my quads and calves are!! Not to mention my highly inflexible feet!!! But that’s why we do these things, isn’t it?

And that’s it. Yes, there’s an absence of running there. No proper reason. Just sheer holiday laziness. Expect better things next week.

All in

Berlin wasn’t a sufferfest. Because I didn’t run it.

I had a really great holiday, and Berlin will be there for me to run another time. And while that’s true, it still leaves me disappointed in myself for not putting in what was needed so that I could run it this time.

True, work threw me a really shitty hand. But I made excuses. And I could have got a better result than I did.

So, here we are again. But this time, I’m all in.

I’ve got a training plan – it’s worked before. It will work again this time.


The Training Plan – Officially on the wall

I’ve got a new nutritional strategy (LCHF) to lose weight and train better.

I’ve got a daily check of strength and stretch work to do. Injury free is the way to be!

What are we aiming for? Gold Coast Marathon and then Melbourne Marathon. 2018 will be staying local.

Let’s get this done!

Six weeks to go – Berlin marathon

And so ends what was a reasonably good week.

The running was so much better than it has been. Let’s hope it just keeps improving with Berlin just around the corner.

I spied some starfish in the bay on my long run today. I took a little time out to take a pic and enjoy the view of clear water and gentle waves. When you spend so much of your time during the week in the hustle and bustle of city life, I think it’s good to take a time out and enjoy some nature.

Dinner tonight was super yum! Homemade taco bowl for the win!!

Panic stations

47 days until Berlin.

I recognise it’s too late to undo the damage already done but I live in hope that it won’t be the sufferfest that was New York.

The plan is to check in each day, in the hope it keeps me accountable.

img_3300.jpgIncluding status pics of one day fitting into my running gear properly again! Cat is optional extra.

Today was a 45 minute run. Went meh. But it happened and that makes me happy.

Stats: 13 Mar – 19 Mar

Not quite the week I had planned. But, it’s still the come back, so let’s not get too crazy here.

imageThere was running and that’s a good thing. And the running was more than before and that’s a good thing. And nothing hurt and that’s a really good thing.

What was it I said last week?

Progress, not perfection.