NYC Marathon – 56 days to go

21K on the schedule for today.

The weather was much improved from yesterday with blue skies and no wind. Thank goodness!

I headed toward Brighton and started out pretty well. My legs, although still a bit sore, were feeling distinctly better. I ran strong for about 7K and then started running out of puff. I pushed through to half way (albeit a little slower) and then took a gel. Another couple of kms and the gel worked its magic.


A photo break of the Brighton Bathing Boxes and then home again, home again!

Run lowlight – massive shirt chafing! I won’t be making the mistake of that shirt for a long run again.

Run highlight – the Ravenna’s stood up really well. After a couple of false starts it looks like they’re broken in.


NYC Marathon – 58 days to go

The answer to yesterday’s question – a resounding NO!

Easy 6K on the books today but there was nothing easy about how my legs felt. My heart rate stayed down, so the run pace was fine. But my legs hurt the entire way. Boo hoo!

Highlight of this crappy run – I got a new Smashrun badge:


Stretching, foam rolling and some core work on the books for tonight I think.

What will my next Smashrun badge be?

NYC Marathon – 59 days to go

Easy 6K on the books today followed by strides.

Headed out a little later than planned. No matter how often I do it, I can’t seem to get the concept that it will take at least 20 minutes to get out the door once I deal with getting dressed, feeding the (fur) babies, finding a headband or hat etc.

Regardless, I made it out and it was just lovely today! It’s getting lighter earlier (until daylight savings starts at least), the temperature was comfortable, the birds were chirping away and there was a nice breeze. Admittedly, that breeze because somewhat more windy once I got out of my street and closer to the water. But it wasn’t too bad overall.

The first 3K was slow and clunky because, as predicted, my legs were sore today. Thankfully, they loosened up and the home 3K was much more comfortable. Now though, not so much.

Then to the carpark for strides. 20 seconds of fast running is so much fun. It’s not so long that I think I’m going to die but long enough that I really feel like I’m flying for a bit in there.

Will my legs feel better for tomorrow’s run?

NYC Marathon – 60 days to go

It’s getting real and I’m beginning to freak out. 60 days to go and I’ll be running the NYC Marathon.

Today is a rest day from running.

I went to the gym this morning and did a weights session; the first in a while. I’m pretty sure I’m going to feel Every. Single. Muscle. tomorrow. Note to self: do more strength training.

Additional note to self: Organise your eats. Gotta work on getting some better training fuelling going. Today’s lunch was a quick grab from the fridge and not what I thought it was. 😦

What should I pack for lunch tomorrow?