NYC Marathon – 59 days to go

Easy 6K on the books today followed by strides.

Headed out a little later than planned. No matter how often I do it, I can’t seem to get the concept that it will take at least 20 minutes to get out the door once I deal with getting dressed, feeding the (fur) babies, finding a headband or hat etc.

Regardless, I made it out and it was just lovely today! It’s getting lighter earlier (until daylight savings starts at least), the temperature was comfortable, the birds were chirping away and there was a nice breeze. Admittedly, that breeze because somewhat more windy once I got out of my street and closer to the water. But it wasn’t too bad overall.

The first 3K was slow and clunky because, as predicted, my legs were sore today. Thankfully, they loosened up and the home 3K was much more comfortable. Now though, not so much.

Then to the carpark for strides. 20 seconds of fast running is so much fun. It’s not so long that I think I’m going to die but long enough that I really feel like I’m flying for a bit in there.

Will my legs feel better for tomorrow’s run?


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