Summer in the city

Hello neglected blog.

It’s been hot hot hot! Which has not left me feeling ready to run. My dodgy knee has been feeling improved but it’s taken until today to take it out for a test.

Because it’s summer and I’ve been sweating like nothing I can remember, it was shorts and singlet today. Not my current normal running outfit, for fear of blinding passers by with my oh so white legs but desperate times call for desperate measures.

The shorts were new from Lululemon and they certainly did the trick! Right length (not too short but not too long), didn’t ride up and POCKETS! You just can’t beat pockets.

And the best part of the run?

Was it the views?

Sunrise skies

They’re pretty good, but no.


It was the knee – no pain! It was so good to run and not even notice my knee!

Fingers crossed it’s the first of many more!

Anyone else think sunrise runs are the best?