Getting to the starting line

Berlin Marathon 2017 – entered.

Now I need to get to the starting line. As in, getting this body race ready so we don’t have a repeat of NYC. What went wrong in NYC?

  • Sick – I can’t control that entirely but I can certainly get more vitamins and minerals in me, rest and keep my stress levels down to give myself a better chance.
  • Fat – I went into NYC carrying way more weight than was reasonable.
  • Injured – Stretching, cross training, long runs. All things I didn’t do enough of.
  • Under trained – See above. I didn’t prioritise my training and definitely didn’t do the right training (hills!)

So, that takes us to Berlin. What’s the plan?

  • Eat better – fruit and vegetables are my friend
  • Stick to the training plan – Not sure what plan that is at the moment but I’ll start with lacing up the shoes again next week
  • Other things – do other things than run

Here’s to the plan!



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