Six weeks to go – Berlin marathon

And so ends what was a reasonably good week.

The running was so much better than it has been. Let’s hope it just keeps improving with Berlin just around the corner.

I spied some starfish in the bay on my long run today. I took a little time out to take a pic and enjoy the view of clear water and gentle waves. When you spend so much of your time during the week in the hustle and bustle of city life, I think it’s good to take a time out and enjoy some nature.

Dinner tonight was super yum! Homemade taco bowl for the win!!


Panic stations

47 days until Berlin.

I recognise it’s too late to undo the damage already done but I live in hope that it won’t be the sufferfest that was New York.

The plan is to check in each day, in the hope it keeps me accountable.

img_3300.jpgIncluding status pics of one day fitting into my running gear properly again! Cat is optional extra.

Today was a 45 minute run. Went meh. But it happened and that makes me happy.