Stats: 6 Nov – 12 Nov

Runs: 3

Other things: 2 (Pilates, HIIT)

Strength: 2

Meals prepped: 4



Part of being all in means sacrificing some weekend time to getting ready for the week. On the menu:

  • Egg cups with asparagus, capsicum and sun-dried tomato
  • Cottage Pie
  • Protein Bread
  • Spinach Bread
  • Chicken Schnitzel
  • Braised Beef

All in

Berlin wasn’t a sufferfest. Because I didn’t run it.

I had a really great holiday, and Berlin will be there for me to run another time. And while that’s true, it still leaves me disappointed in myself for not putting in what was needed so that I could run it this time.

True, work threw me a really shitty hand. But I made excuses. And I could have got a better result than I did.

So, here we are again. But this time, I’m all in.

I’ve got a training plan – it’s worked before. It will work again this time.


The Training Plan – Officially on the wall

I’ve got a new nutritional strategy (LCHF) to lose weight and train better.

I’ve got a daily check of strength and stretch work to do. Injury free is the way to be!

What are we aiming for? Gold Coast Marathon and then Melbourne Marathon. 2018 will be staying local.

Let’s get this done!