Stats: 8 Jan – 14 Jan

Running – Did it! Grand total of 10km for the week (better planning will see that improve)

Gymming – Did it! Another good PT session. Will likely stop once my sessions I’ve already paid for are done so I can focus on the running and running specific workouts.

Strength and mobility – More Week 0 work. I’ve got my full plan for the next six weeks now and first official session will be Tuesday.

Goal for next week – stay on the plan, improve my updates!


Stats: 1 Jan – 7 Jan (first week of 2018!)

Week one of the new year! Surely it’s all sunshine and roses and high motivation? Meh, not so much.

I’ve been on holidays from work for the past couple of weeks and it’s been lovely. But man, do I need structure in my days or it all just falls apart.

Things that have been going well:

  • Food prep – I should have so much food ready for when I go back to work that I won’t need to cook for months!!

    Awesome chicken! Brined, spiced and grilled. And plenty in the freezer for later. YUM!!
  • Strength training – I had a terrific gym session on Thursday. Going into it I was feeling a bit blah but was rocking life by the end. And then I signed up for a program with Drew and Tina at Running for Real. So far, I’ve been hitting my Week 0 exercises to set me up for when I get my custom program. And it’s not really new news but foam rolling out my legs has reminded me of how terrible my quads and calves are!! Not to mention my highly inflexible feet!!! But that’s why we do these things, isn’t it?

And that’s it. Yes, there’s an absence of running there. No proper reason. Just sheer holiday laziness. Expect better things next week.

Stats: 13 Mar – 19 Mar

Not quite the week I had planned. But, it’s still the come back, so let’s not get too crazy here.

imageThere was running and that’s a good thing. And the running was more than before and that’s a good thing. And nothing hurt and that’s a really good thing.

What was it I said last week?

Progress, not perfection.

Stats: 6 Mar – 12 Mar

There was running!

Overall, not much else to report for the week. But it’s progress, not perfection we’re looking for here. 

I took the walk/run approach with more walking than running, as you can see. Then, one nice solid kilometer and back to walk/run with a traffic light pause to wrap things up.

Was it a slow 5km? Sure. Did my dodgy hamstring and screwed up foot pull up ok. Yes! And that’s a win. 

Stats: 11 – 17 April

Monday: 5km run

Where: Sydney CBD | When: Morning | Felt: Lost. I just can’t get my head around Sydney. I get lost. Every. Single. Time.

Art Gallery Sydney
Art Gallery of New South Wales. Found on my run.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Personal Training

Where: City studio | When: Morning | Felt: Like I was going to throw up. I worked hard and loved every minute.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Things to talk about:

  • Despite my determination to do better, I slept in way too often again this week. I’ll keep working on it.
  • I was complimented on my lifting at the studio on Thursday. My form is apparently good – that’s pretty exciting because I’m really enjoying lifting progressively heavier things.

How was your week?

Stats: April 4 – 10


City through the boats
View of Melbourne CBD from St Kilda

Monday: Rest


Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Personal training

Where: City studio | When: Afternoon | Felt: Queasy. Exercising after eating doesn’t work well for me

Friday: 5km run

Where: St Kilda Beach | When: Morning | Felt: Great to be out

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Things to talk about:

  • Lots of my rest days this week were actually, “slept in too late to get a run in” days. Despite travelling again this week, I am determined to do better.
  • I’ve become very self-conscious about running in front of people. Logically, I’m sure no one cares what I look like when I run. Illogically, and the bit of my head that often wins out, I’m sure everyone is judging my form. This is not helping getting out.


How has your week been?